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FENNOSCANDIAN is committed to delivering operational excellence in a safe and responsible way, adding value for investors, employees, governments and the local communities in which we operate.

Our success depends upon developing World Class mineral deposits. They must represent resources capable of being economically extracted, and we obtain them either through our own exploration or by the acquisition of mineral deposits found by others.

Our exploration techniques focus on finding buried or hidden deposits. This requires sophisticated geochemical, geophysical and remote sensing tools to indicate anomalies due to hidden mineralisation. Collected data is then evaluated by experienced geoscientists, using advanced computer hardware and 2D and 3D software.

Drones, manned aircraft, helicopters and high altitude earth orbiting satellites are used to map geological structures, rock units and rock alteration to identify sites for mineralisation. Subtle changes in surface rock alteration can now be mapped remotely from space, and sites targeted for ground follow-up.

Geophysical surveys can also be conducted from drones, manned fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and airships, providing a relatively rapid method of collecting magnetic, electromagnetic, gravimetric and radiometric data over wide areas.

Identified anomalies can suggest surface/near surface mineralisation or deeper and hidden deposits. These require more detailed ground follow-up involving additional geophysical surveys. Media such as stream and lake sediments, rocks, soils and overburden, vegetation and even soil gases can be sampled for geochemical anomaly detection.

Detailed ground surveys provide sufficient information and physical parameters to be able to position test and exploratory trenches, pits or drill holes. Various drilling techniques are used, but all provide real evidence of mineralisation. 

Following initial discovery, a mineralised target is then investigated by more detailed ground surveys and drilling which defines the resource. If successful, the discovery is subjected to further technical, financial and commercial evaluation and a decision taken on mining and exploiting the economic ore deposit.

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