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Our aim is to be the leading mining company focused on the Fennoscandian Shield and on becoming that region's mining industry’s employer, partner and investment of choice.

Sound strategy, a commitment to sustainable development, and good governance are essential to achieve this goal.


We comply with the highest international standards of corporate governance. We direct and control our company in a transparent and accountable way.

We also work with key organisations and other stakeholders to increase the mining industry's overall transparency and accountability. We fully support and shall follow the principles set out by the International Council of Mining & Metals. These are set out at:

Employees and contractors play a key role in helping us maintain good governance. They are expected to comply with our Good Citizenship Business Principles:

As a good corporate citizen, we respect the dignity and human rights of individuals and communities everywhere we operate. We strive to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of these communities while generating strong investor returns. Indeed, our long-term success depends on taking into account the needs of all stakeholders.

A good corporate citizen is, by definition, a good employer. We universally support fair labour practices and promote workplace safety and equality in our operations. We also recognise the need for careful environmental stewardship. We actively seek to minimise the impact of our operations and provide a positive legacy for generations to come.


Sustainable development touches on every aspect of our business, from the moment we identify a possible exploration site all the way to a mine’s eventual closure. We believe that maximizing shareholder value over the long term is best achieved through an intelligent regard for all our stakeholders, and by acting with integrity and responsibility.

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