FENNOSCANDIAN Resources has acquired a large portfolio of unique mineral properties at various stages of development, for now focused all across Finland:

• The ultra-high grade flake-graphite deposit Viistola at 28.6% C

• We control claim reservations and claims to the, by far largest industrial minerals landholding in Fennoscandia - an opportunity to capitalize on increased global demand and record high prices

• The unique geology/mineralogy of one of our "ultra-high grade" deposits may facilitate "one-step" conversion to graphene, per recent announcements regarding Sweden's Nunasvaara deposit, less than 100km away, and with essentially the same geology and mineral characteristics

• As demonstrated in the proven conversion to graphene from the  Nunasvara deposit, FENNOSCANDIAN's equivalent deposit, combined with our Group's patented unique graphene manufacturing process, may represent a paradigm shift in the mass production of graphene, on a scale and at a cost unprecedented, and not replicable

• Significant exploration landholdings next to proven mines offers uniquely attractive infrastructure and sustainable development potential

• High calibre management team providing a wealth of commercial experience and access to world class technical resources

More info on our affiliated companies flake graphite properties and activities outside Finland are found HERE

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