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FENNOSCANDIAN Resources is a natural resources company focused on developing a portfolio of World Class mineral properties within the Fennoscandian Shield.

To deliver superior returns to Shareholders over time, FENNOSCANDIAN takes a long term and responsible approach to the Group's business. This means concentrating on the development of World Class orebodies into large, long life and efficient operations, capable of sustaining competitive advantage through business cycles and generating lasting benefits in the Local Communities in which we operate.

To further boost returns we focus on intelligent utilisation of advanced technology, which is readily available in the Nordic countries and a proven core competence of FENNOSCANDIAN'S management team.

We are committed to attaining the highest levels of corporate, financial, technical, environmental and socially-responsible standards.

Key criteria for choosing projects include:

  • Mineral on a fundamental long-term (20 years +) global growth trajectory
  • The availability of environmentally sound and sustainable tailings recovery/recycling or storage solutions
  • Excellent infrastructure: Ice-free port and/or rail/highway, electricity, water, skilled workforce
  • Opportunity to create multi-generation win-win solution with local landowners and community


We are seeking outstanding individuals in the following categories to join our Team now at our HQ and at our development sites: 

Geotechnician - Geologist - Environmental Scientist/Engineer - Mine/Resource Computer-Modelling Specialist - Nano-Materials Researcher.

Please email a cover letter and a CV to:

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