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The Fennoscandian Shield is the largest exposed area of Precambrian rocks in Europe and shares many similarities with the ancient shields in Canada, Australia and South Africa, which are all globally significant for their mineral resources.

Oy FENNOSCANDIAN Resources Ab ("FENNOSCANDIAN") is a natural resources company, owned by Nordic Graphite Ltd., focused on developing a portfolio of World Class mineral properties within the Fennoscandian Shield.

To deliver superior returns to shareholders over time, FENNOSCANDIAN takes a long term and responsible approach to the Group's business. This means  concentrating on the development of first class orebodies into large, long life and efficient operations, capable of sustaining competitive advantage through business cycles and generating lasting benefits in the Local Communities in which we operate

To further boost returns we focus on intelligent utilisation of advanced technology, which is readily available in the Nordic countries and a proven core competence of FENNOSCANDIAN'S management team.

Together with our sister company Norwegian Graphite AS we have developed unique manufacturing technologies that aim to mass-produce graphene from some of our Northwest Finnish ores, which bear characteristics very similar to those shown next-door in Sweden (at Nunasvaara), from which graphene already has been produced in small scale through a simple and environmentally friendly one-step process.

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